Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Organize your coupons

There are several ways to organize your coupons. The first method I used was a binder system. I cut out every coupon (yes, every single coupon from my 5 copies of the paper!) and placed them in a binder that was filled with baseball cardholders and divided into categories such as; dairy, bread, paper products, meat, toiletries etc. You could use whatever categories suit your needs.

Prior to a shopping trip, I pulled out the coupons I needed and put them in an envelope but I took the binder with me. I was able to find deals that I wasn’t aware of and had the coupons with me to use. However, I spent 2-4 hours on Sunday cutting out and organizing the coupons. I figured the amount I was saving on extra deals wasn’t enough to justify me spending that much time getting them ready.

I have since switched to a filing system. I use manila folders and file each Sundays coupons in their own folder labeled with the date. I only cut out the coupons I need prior to going shopping.

FYI: Many oversea military bases can use expired coupons.

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