Friday, October 3, 2008

Not a cold

There is not much in life that I truly hate but going to the doctor definitely falls under that category. My cold wasn't going away, if fact I felt like it was getting worse so I broke down and made an appointment. I was so confused when he told me he needed to do a chest x-ray and asked him why when I was sure I only had a sinus infection. Turns out I actually have pneumonia. I've been spending a lot of time in bed, Bunco last night wasn't bat wings and all the yummy stuff I had planned (did KFC instead) and have zero plans for this weekend. I don't have time to be sick but I really don't have time to be sick in the hospital so I'll take it easy this weekend and hope Monday is better.

As women, we need to remember to take time for ourself and if that means we're sick for a day or two so be it. I really think if I had taken care of the cold up front I wouldn't have pneumonia now.

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krimass said...

You sound like me! I had "sinus problems" for about 2 weeks, and finally broke down and went to Dr. after only getting 2 hours sleep from coughing, difficulty breathing, etc. Mine hadn't progressed to pneumonia, but I did have sinusitis, bronchitis and "asthma of unknown origin". So, on antibiotics, steroids and inhaler. I am feeling better, hope you are too.
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