Monday, October 6, 2008


I truly believe some people are meant to teach and have always been grateful for those teachers. On the other hand, some people should not teach. Unfortunately, Rooster has a teacher that should probably be in another field. It is his math teacher, which is a class he struggles in anyway and the teacher is making it that much tougher. Rooster has had one teacher in the past that I had to go the principal about but we worked through it.

At PTC last week we sat down with this teacher and his first words were "why are you here?" I thought we must have made a mistake and maybe we were only supposed to meet with certain teachers. Rooster told him we were there to talk about his grades and the teacher said you can do that online and proceeded to say how Rooster doesn't "give anything back" in class and he doesn't do anything unless he is prompted. When we got up to leave, the teacher told another teacher he knew he shouldn't leave but that he had enough and was out of there.

I have never been treated so rudely nor had my child so blatenly degraded. I'm not sure why this man teaches if he doesn't enjoy (or even tolerate) it. I am seriously considering pulling him from this class next semester which is difficult for me because I want my kids to learn to deal with all different types of people but then I wonder if it's possible to work with someone like this. Math is also such an important class that I really need him to be with someone he can learn from.

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